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Frequently Asked Questions (Participants)

Your host family anticipates that you are in a new environment and may need assistance. They should be your first resource and want to help you with anything you need. All participants have an assigned I.C.E. (Independent Coordinator of Exchange) during their stay. If for any reason the coordinator is unavailable, you will also have direct contact information to CCU offices.
We do not recommend participants try and reach out back home as it will create more homesickness for you. If you have a concern or emergency, speak with your host family, and they will work with your coordinator to help you reach your family.
Programs are paid in full prior to arrival. Any money you bring are for souvenirs or extracurricular activities. If host families want to take their participant on an activity that may cost, it will be cleared through the host family, coordinator, and if necessary, participant’s parents.
Participants should be expected to pay for their own personal expenses. Your host family may offer to pay for some things or everything, this is okay to accept. If you do not wish to pay to go out to dinner, or other paid activities, host families are aware these things are options, and will make other arrangements.
Host families come in all shapes and sizes, some with host siblings some without. We try to accommodate any requests before placement, but we cannot guarantee each student’s host family request will be fulfilled.
Participants are not permitted to have visitors, or travel to meet with friends or family. If exceptions or requests need to be made, please talk to your host parents and your I.C.E.
Participants should get instructions from their insurance provider before they arrive in the U.S. Carry your insurance card with you at all times in case of an emergency.
It’s natural to feel homesick, or experience culture shock while adjusting to being in a foreign country. Almost everyone feels this way at times and you’re not alone. Here’s a few tips: Don’t stay in your bedroom as isolating yourself will make you feel worse. Stay positive and talk with your host family and I.C.E. They are prepared to help you in any way you need. Stay healthy, part of being homesick is not taking care of your body. Drink lots of water, and make sure you’re eating. You’ll be feeling better in no time!
While we expect you to take part in this new adventure and try new things, we understand that some foods can be difficult to like. Talk with your host family or I.C.E. to come up with a solution.
Yes! Your host family will help you complete laundry the same way they do in their home.
Keep your valuables in your suitcase at all times. Your host family’s home is a safe place, but you may forget where you put something have or younger siblings who get curious and get into things they’re not supposed to.

Frequently Asked Questions (Host Families)

Here at CCU it’s our goal to create cultural understanding across the globe. Hosting an exchange student is a rewarding and life-changing experience for your family, creating a unique opportunity to experience other cultures and establish lifelong bonds.
All types of families are encouraged to apply; there is no typical. Families can have small or teenage children at home, be empty nesters with adult children, or be couples with no children. Single adults and single parents are also welcome but must have another living relative in the home. Families shouldn’t worry about being too busy, it’s very easy to adapt to the program schedule.
Treat and welcome the participant as a family member. Participants may share a bedroom with same gender host siblings, but must have their own bed, (if needed CCU can provide a bed for you). Access to a clean bathroom, and public living areas. At least three meals a day and time spent together.
Yes, all participants come with different level of English skills. Our participants come to the U.S. with a desire to immerse themselves in the language and to improve their level of proficiency.
Host families are volunteers, but we do offer a small stipend to help with additional food costs and use of utilities during the program stay.
We currently are open to take participants from any country. We have many participants come from Japan, Germany, Sweden, and Chile.
All host families will be given additional CCU contact information at host family orientation.
Yes! Free weekends are for host families, but we do prohibit taking your participant out of state unless it has been approved by your I.C.E.
lend money or borrow money from our student?
Borrowing money from your participant is prohibited by CCU. We discourage you to loan money to your student as they should come with enough money for personal expenses. If they do not have an adequate amount of money, please talk to your I.C.E. right away.
You should not feel obligated to pay, but participants appreciate it. If going on a paid activity or out to dinner, please give your participant the option if they’d like to go and spend money. If they choose not to, we ask that you provide dinner at home, or save the activity for a later date.
CCU has a lot of experience in placing participants with families and we provide support throughout the program. However, if the placement does not work out satisfactorily, CCU assumes responsibility to move the participant to another family.
CCU is always looking for more coordinators and teachers, talk to your local I.C.E today about getting more involved. We also offer referral prizes for successful host family referrals.
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